Thematic Investment Opportunities


Energy Opportunities Capital Management

At Energy Opportunities Capital Management (EOCM), we are students of energy. We have managed energy specific investments for over 20 years. Throughout our history, we have been early identifiers of key trends in global energy dynamics – the unprecedented growth in energy demand from China at the beginning of the century, concerns and implications of the concept of peak oil from both the supply of conventional sources and the demand for its uses, the proliferation of hydraulic fracturing to exploit previously inaccessible reserves, and the dawn of the age of alternative, renewable power generation to address growing concerns over access to environmentally responsible energy sources.

Today, climate considerations, resource availability, and the electrification of all things are driving a global transition towards clean energy and transformative energy technologies, making them a key component in the future of the global energy industry. Traditional fossil fuels will remain the bedrock of global energy consumption for the foreseeable future given their unique characteristics and the fact that the sheer magnitude of any transition requires time, but the building ascension of clean energy sources and efficient energy technologies represents one of the single most significant growth opportunities in markets today. We believe EOCM’s experience and expertise make us uniquely positioned to help our clients capitalize on these opportunities.

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